UNBELIEVABLE: Mzbel reveals the weirdest thing she did under the influence

Musician Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah aka Mzbel has dropped the weirdest thing she did under the influence of alcohol, and we can’t believe it.

The “Awoso Me” hitmaker in an exclusive interview with Pulse Ghana dropped the bombshell, revealing the worst thing anyone can ever attempt while under the influence.

According to Mzbel, she broke a hoax while intoxicated. She announced the death of her friend’s mother even though she was alive and strong.

She told David Mawuli on Pulse Chat that while drunk, she called her friend who was buying food for her and announced her mother’s death.

Her friend, who is only known as Kelly, didn’t take the news lightly. In fact, she drove to Mzbel’s house while crying uncontrollably.

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Narrating the incident, Mzbel said: “I called a friend of mine and announced his mother’s death. He explained later that he was buying food for me when he received the call from me.”

“He said soon after the call, he called his siblings and mother, but no one answered so he believed it. He was closer to my house, so he came home straight while crying.”

“He then asked who announced his mother’s death, but I couldn’t answer him because I was drunk. We drove to his house and met his mother, but I asked him not to reveal what happened.”

Watch the full interview below.

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