PHOTO: Rev Obofour gifts Bro Sammy brand new Land Cruiser

Embattled Ghanaian gospel musician Bro Sammy has acquired a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser from Rev. Obofour of APC, according to SeanCitygh.net

Sammy forms part of the numerous celebrities and other individuals who have benefited from the kind gesture of the powerful man of God.

The gift to Sammy comes amidst the brouhaha about his purported arrest, though it is yet to confirm from Bro Sammy whether or not the reported arrest case is true.

Bro Sammy is seen in a video in which he is heard to claim he has a cure to HIV/AIDS, cancer, kidney diseases, amount other kinds of sicknesses that his spiritual water can cure.

He has since released a new song, ‘Aduro biara nka dan mu’ which is taking over the airwaves across the country.

He has also apologised to the Food and Drugs Authority for forgiveness for failing to get permission from them before promoting his ‘spiritual healing water’ on social media.

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